Anjela Freyja  
Art Direction & Design


Ten Years of Type — 2020 marks ten years of doing design and within that decade, many typographic experiments. Ten Years of Type brings together all of these designs, paired down to black and white, and formatted to fit over 200 posters brought together in a photographic editorial. Each poster has a story and speaks to a moment from the last decade. See Project.


Flags of America — When migrants venture through the desert in hopes to arrive to America, they do out of desperation and the necessity refuge. These journeys are painstaking and taken due to a lack of resources and the sanctity of human preservation. The current American administration treats these refugees as criminals, locking them in detention centers and justifing their policies with racist, untrue rhetoric. It is estimated that there are over 2000 innocent children detained in inhumane conditions without their parents. See Project.


Rebelle Rebelle — A visual campaign featuring photography, video, and collaged elements, all designed to be evocative of London in the 1970s. This project celebrates the punk movement and its influence on fashion. See Project.


Short Talk on Hedonism — Featuring the 2019 Resort Collection from Preen by Thornton Bregazzi and the poem "Short Talk on Hedonism" by Anne Carson, this series combines fashion, poetry, and fine art . All paintings are from the Renaissance era. See Project.


Heartmelt Motel — An immersive exhibit inspired by California in the psychedelic 1960s, with a sweet, playful twist. Modelled after vintage motels and featuring five immersive rooms, a hotel pool filled with rainbow balls and turquoise palm trees overlooking the event. The exhibit travelled through eight Canadian cities and has been tagged over 6000 times on Instagram. See Project.


Be on The Right Side of History — Inspired by the 2018 Women's March, when millions of people around the world stood up for equal rights and demanded change from their governments. To commemorate the moment and to create further visual tools for future protests, I created 21 posters, all inspired by first wave, second wave, and third wave feminists, featuring messages that draw attention to the fight for women’s rights. All posters are completely free to download and use and are available in a variety of sizes, with a photo or as just text . See Project.


Luis Barragan — A visual project in honour of architect Luis Barragan. Focus is drawn to Barragan's use of light; what he chose to highlight with it, and what he chose to hide in darkness. See Project.


GOOP x The Natural History Museum of London — Fashion Editorial for Goop, Issue 3. Featuring antique botanical illustrations provided by The Museum of Natural History of London. Model: Ruby Aldridge. Photography by Royal Gilbert. See Project.


Invent, Reinvent — Whether the work of Phoebe Philo was a force in the changing of societal norms or a reflection of them is difficult to say. Regardless, Céline’s collections over the last ten years have revolutionized the fashion landscape and in particular, have provided femme a way to dress that is both masculine and feminine; blurring the lines between gender and creating an aesthetic that, although entirely new, always felt just right. See Project.

Anjela Freyja —
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Anjela Freyja —
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